Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gettin' Into the Life Coaching Game!

Shelly and I have been talking about interesting careers for some time now. Over the last two years, we've had a shocking number of people that have requested our "guidance" services. Both of us have a tendency to write about anything and everything on our blogs, and we're not afraid to post our thoughts and feelings on social media sites like Facebook. That transparency, along with our chosen life path, have given us some interesting insights to living life to the fullest.

After investigating the field of life coaching, we were confronted with a dilemma. It's not a regulated field. Anyone can do it. There are "certifications", but there's no legal requirement to be certified. I have some pretty strong anti-certification opinions based on my experiences as a running coach, but this was an entirely new field.

After looking into about ten different 'schools' that offered certification, I came to an important conclusion- they're no different than any other bullshit fringe- certification program. It was a lot of the same crap repeated again and again.

Sadly, our experiences (teaching, athletic coaching, college education, life experiences) were a far better foundation than the crap that exists out there. The methodology was mostly laughable. It was pop psychology at its best. Most "schools" took one particular therapeutic model, modified it a bit, then resold it to aspiring life coaches. They included some 'no shit, Sherlock" ethics training, then sent you a certificate. Yay! You'd be a certified life coach!

We realized all these models used the same basic methods. These methods may work for some. But they wouldn't work for us.

We have a tendency to operate on the fringes of society. We're ultrarunners. We like to party. We wear pajama pants to the grocery store. We, along with our three kids, live in an RV. Yuppie advice is great... if you're a yuppie. We're not yuppies. Our friends aren't yuppies. We decided our life coaching endeavor wouldn't be for yuppies. Or at least people that wanted to continue being yuppies.

We decided to combine our insight into human behavior with our tendency to be brutally honest to create the antithesis of most life coaching endeavors:


Our goal is to use unorthodox methodology to help people be awesome. Sort of a hard-core boot camp for your life. 

Want to know more? Check out the "About" page. Think you may be interested/ Check out the "Hire Us!" page.




  1. First! Haha! Your design reminds me of Patrick's (Bourbon Feet). Good stuff, guys.

    1. Our lifestyle isn't all that different than Sweeney's, so it's sort of appropriate. :-)

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  3. Each of us has different views in life but I can say that we have the same lifestyles that is different from others. Anyways thanks for sharing your views, I am much more motivated to pursue all the things I want to do in my life.

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